Mood Tracker With Pixels

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What's Inside?

Mood Tracker

It is a template that let you monitor you mode based on color code and mode levels then you can view it in a pixel format.

Why Track Your Mood?

Tracking your mood can provide you with valuable insights that can help you better understand your emotions and how your behavior is affected by them. It can help you identify the triggers that lead to certain moods, and the factors that influence them. Keeping track of your moods is also a great way to recognize and appreciate the positive moments in life, and to take action to find healthier ways of managing mental health.

Special Features

  • Mood Wheel
  • Mode Color Code
  • Mode Level
  • Pixel Mood view


About the Creator

Hi, I’m Tokka

I’m a Software Engineer, a passionate web developer, and a new YouTuber. Within my designs I value simplicity, symmetry and detail. Weather I'm designing websites, branding or notion templates I always strive for beauty and balance.

If you are interested in...

  • Websites
  • Notion Templates
  • Designs
  • Productivity management

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A mood tracker template that will allow me to track by color

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Mood Tracker With Pixels

2 ratings
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